S HOA001 ix SAT Lara SET shower enclosure KIT 1000x1000mm

SKU: TR161953

length of each shower cabin side: 2000 mm
8 mm glass pane thickness

Service of cutting the profiles to the required measure is available per request (insert note when ordering from cart).

Kit includes: roller with a bearing (4x), glass/track joint (4x), safety knob (4x), track (10x30 mm, 1x2000 mm), track/wall bracket (2x), stopper (2x), bottom guide (2x), handle (2x) and corner joint (1x).

The following items can be ordered with the kit:

  • shower enclosures U-profiles IG UP U PROFILE or U PROFILE
  • cover for IG UP PROFILE - IG UP COVER
  • single sided black seal strip for U profile - S HO SEAL STRIP
  • track/glass clamping plate for fixed pane
  • HO A005 track/glass clamping plate for fixed pane (in case of mounting with fixed side glass, it has to be mounted to the guide-wall bracket that is part of the kit)
  • shower enclosure seal strips TA PS-10M, TA PS-13C i TA PS-24
  • floor guide for glass S HO FLOOR GUIDE
  • corner joint for U-profiles S HO CORNER JOINT


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