V 2700/2/2061/A Solo Vetro KIT

SKU: IT360136

pane thickness: 8/10/12 mm
maximum pane weight: 80 kg
track length: 2/3/4/6 m
wall mounting: YES
ceiling mounting: YES
track finish: aluminium
rack finish: aluminium
soft-closing: YES

With the set it is necessary to order the guide according to the length and depending on the preferred solution:

  • without fixed glass V2710
  • with fixed glass V2720

It is also possible to order:

  • V2730 guide mask
  • V2740 fixed glass track cover
  • bottom aluminum profile (for fixed glass) IG AP D 6000
  • seal for bottom aluminum profile IG AP B 8/10
  • side cap for bottom aluminum profile IG AP K


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